Monday, 13 August 2012

-Milk Bottle? Wasted Paper?-

INCIDENT - was having a 'breath' at the car park this morning.. and saw someone walking toward me by carrying his laptop bag and a plastic bag on hand.. from far.. I though the plastic bag was some paper.. small size like sticky note.. and I saw some paper drop.. though wanna let the guy know.. but.. why he walking toward me??! and throw the plastic bag.. ummm... rupa-rupanya that is a milk bottle..

If  I tell the guy...

BigHead: Hey sir, you drop something..

Guy: (turn back and was just a wasted paper??!!)... 

****If were you.. will you tell the guy that he drop something?
****If you are the guy.. what will you do?

Raining Day.... =.=

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


TinTin father accident.. being bang infront of the mosque, and the budak aka kid ran away when others rescue uncle..

SOME voice for the KID- 

 where is your human nature??? Don't you think how serious if the person being leave behind after bang by you? how sad was the family if the relative pass away like this? you can safe a LIFE.. Step on other shoe.. the one being bang is you.. or your FATHER? Thats the feeling..

 Seen you know you don't own any driving license, you didn't wear a helmet, and you bang people was against the laws.. why should you ran away? after the incident, sure you will being catch! is a small kampung only.. Harlooooo....another crime added.. bang and run.. good job kid.. is about human being.. human nature.. luckily nothing too serious in this incident.. uncle was discharge.. kid.. you will have attend to the court! Good Luck to you!

-Journey with YOU-

People come.. People gone.. when you find someone that you ngam(suitable) with.. no matter what.. you will try your best to solve every problem(s) that facing.. well.. it is a hard time for us when 11July2012.. we learned.. we feel.. we know.. what we can and what we can't.. Frankly.. TinTin.. i can't leave without you.. i admit i'm too rely on you.. yes.. i do.. i hope all this wont be 'Honey Moon 3 Months'.. it can be forever.. -i love you TinTin-


to manage 2 blog(s) is not easy.. finally feel to ''touch'' this blog.. being century never write any... hope i can have something to post in future.. cheers..

Friday, 11 March 2011

Earthquake Triggers Tsunami in Japan

Things happened..
Before Earth Hour..

Let's Pray for the victims and whole WORLD..

Friday, 4 March 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Very soon.. Another World Earth Day ( Earth Hour ) is coming..
Malaysia.. Let's switch off the light at 26.March.2011 8.30pm..

Earth World Day Official Video

MuFfin Say:
ONE PERSON has the power to make the CHANGE..
YOU can make the Change..
YOU are one of BILLIONS of PeoPle..
YOU have the POWER to make it HAPPEN..

Our Mother is being Hurt for many century..
Let's do something to protect her..

World peace.. Earth Peace..

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

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